Blazing Saddles. Great film, terrible side effect.

It is fair to say that lots of things give me and mine a pain in the derriere. This is the vent I need to release some of that angst.

Except of course on days when nothing at all is nagging at me. Then I may just settle for a humorous look at what tickles me, and introduce you to some of the people who mean a lot to me.

Those who know me will confirm I have something of a shortfall when it comes to the knowledge of the mechanics of the technology that underlie this blog. I am therefore indebted to Keith for a couple of magnificent header graphics which will adorn this site in turn.

I would also like to thank you for popping by. Feel free to mooch around, leave a comment, subscribe to the nonsense. Nothing is taboo on here. Well not yet, anyway. Most of all, if you can, enjoy.

Apologies those who have shared their thoughts with me down the years. I have had to move to an alternative blog host over the 2010/11 winter and am having to slowly recover the old posts from an old archive file. It is ball-breaking and tedious, but I will get there one day. The comments may be harder to get back in place, but I will try. Thanks for your patience.