“Oh, that’s not on Blazing!”

I cringe. When Mrs Blazing puts those words together I am usually about to find myself well and truly in the residence of the local hound. Nervously I ask what the problem is this time.

“Remember that NHS survey I had to fill in about my recent treatment, and how I rated the service I got?’

I nod, then luckily anticipating another rollicking because we are not in the same room I respond in the affirmative.

“They have sent me a letter here noting that they have not received it back yet.”

“And have you?”

“Well yes. They must have crossed in the post”

Seems reasonable to me. I am missing something. The love of my life fills in the blanks, and she has a very good point.

“It was supposed to be anonymous, so you aren’t afraid to be fairly critical of anything, or anybody, that did not act in a professional manner. If it was anonymous how do they know I haven’t returned it? Can’t say I am looking forward to being treated by someone I marked down. As it happens I didn’t, but that isn’t the point.”

I am inclined to agree. I’m also inclined to question how much money is being ‘invested’ in sending these surveys out when hospitals are short of staff and beds.

But that is another matter.