Is it just me, or are weekends like this becoming ever rarer in the English summer? Although shortly after the photograph below was taken we did have a prolonged period of heavy drizzle, the weekend has improved again and the barbecue is getting a first outing of the summer. Please, if there is a supreme being out there, don’t let it be the last again. I’m getting a little tired of one barbie summers.

It will however be the perfect end to the almost perfect weekend. A thoroughly enjoyable day of golf in Minchinhampton on Friday provided views like this, as well as some cracking company. Yesterday was a day of recovery, checking out the goings on at the Glastonbury Festival. So on to today, some red meat and poultry, the gift of fire, and lashings of red wine.

I’m sure in years gone by we could do this more often. Still, it’s only June, so let’s be positive about the prospects.

Have a great Sunday, all.