I win £22 on the Euromillions lottery. “Hooray” says Mrs Blazing. “Dinner out tomorrow then.”

So tonight I drive home from work, take her to the local supermarket for some essentials like wine and chocolate. That’s the lotto winnings gone already! While I’m there I refuel the new Blazing motor. I haven’t seen the price of diesel for a month. Three quarters of a tank is all I get for fifty quid. Blimey.

I suggest we head out into the country for a bit of grub, rather than partake of the carvery at the Grot. What am I thinking? Instead of a fiver a head for a couple of platefuls of roast meats and fresh vegetables I part company with forty quid for some upmarket fishcakes and a paella with a couple of chardonnays. I want my bumps felt. (Although I have to confess the paella is a bit good).

She’s worth it bless her. Not been in the best of health for a wee while now.

All the same I won’t tell her if I get three or four numbers in tonight’s draw though…