I prefer the Gladys Knight version to Barbara Streisand’s, but I digress.

So much has changed since last I was able to spend some time on Blazing. You may have worked out that Dad of Blazing said his final goodbye in the early hours of new years day. To say that took the wind out of my sails is an understatement. Doubtless a post or two about him will follow. A visit back to North London yesterday served to jog some memories. Next weekend his ashes will join those of the Blazing Mum, and then we can get back to what passes for normality in these parts.

I also fell out with my webhosting company. It seems even if you utilise within the spec you sign up for, if you are a popular blog they think they can fleece you for an extra wedge. Sorry boys, but you have lots of competition out in the big wide world. Bye. That has presented an entirely different problem as for some reason I cannot automatically recover my old posts into this new site. I am retrieving them manually, post by post, so bear with me. That may take a while.

And on top of all this, the Grot has turned from a pub into a carvery. Now that is very good news if you fancy a plate full of delicious roast meats and fresh vegetables for a fiver or so. It is less good when you realise you will now have to get a lift to the nearest boozer that serves the delicious 2L ale that is my personal favourite.

So my new full-time local in walking distance is the good old ‘dilly. The beer isn’t as good as that produced by the local brewers, but fortunately the gaffer keeps a mean pint of Guinness. The clientele are a typical bunch, and I will be introducing you to one or two of them in time. For now though I would just like to say thank you to those who have kept in touch. You are special people. It is much appreciated.