“You’re looking baffled, Adge. What’s the problem my old mate?”

“This election, Blazing. I don’t get it. Nobody seems to trust anybody any more.”

“I was wrong. You seem to have summed it up pretty well there. The sitting government have had their collective arses booted out of the door, but there isn’t enough will to allow their main opposition to take over.”

“So what happens now then?”

“Well, effectively the government of the country now rests in the hands of the smaller parties that nobody wanted in the first place. Predominantly the Lib Dems. If they do a deal with the Tories then a decent majority would keep them in their privileged seats for a term, if that is their wish. The Tory reserves, or new Labour as they mockingly call themselves, would need to bring in others as well, but that would probably be a less stable arrangement and lead to an early repeat of the election process.”

“Isn’t it good that not one party has power though?”

“In an ideal world, probably yes, Adge. Sadly the machinations of politics over here are entrenched in confrontation, and this seems to apply to society in general these days. History tells us that hung parliaments don’t last very long.”

“Doesn’t sound like the sort of system that is envied elsewhere in the world, does it?”

“Well it will work out eventually, but we may need another poll to resolve the issues that have arisen out of this one. Let’s not forget that lots of people were unable to register their vote.”

“Blimey, yeah. What was that all about? Don’t they get us to oversee elections elsewhere to ensure fair process and all that? We can’t even organise them properly ourselves. How embarrassing was that?”

“Disgraceful, actually Adge. Not until they get it right again can they scold people for not voting. That should be an absolute right, and with all of the technology that is available in the twenty-first century there is no excuse for that absolute shambles.”

“Right. That’s a bit clearer. Pint of 2’s, is it?”

“Oh yes, Adge. I’ll definitely vote for that. You going to Millwall on Saturday?”