I should wait until tomorrow, but I will be a little ‘busy’. Well that is not strictly true. I will be busy in the morning, but I have the afternoon off.

It will be St Patrick’s Day, and for very good reasons I will be enjoying a drop or two of the black stuff to remember good people, old and new. People who have left a mark on me. People I feel strongly about.

I am exceedingly fortunate that the landlord of the other local around these parts (sorry Ossie!) has got a Guinness promotion on. “It’s £2.50 a pint, Blazing, but for you we’ll call it £20 a gallon”.

As luck would have it the Cheltenham Festival is on as well, so I shall put a pound or so on each race, retire to my seat in the bar, drink my gallon, and kiss goodbye to six fecking quid.

Pat and Florrie, wherever ye are, I hope you are going to have a belter. You too, Twenty.

Ossie. Any chance of 2’s at £2 a pint for St George’s Day?