There is something amusing in the rush by journalists to expose the expenses being claimed by our elected parliamentarians, don’t you think?

Not that I am sorry to discover, of course, how much John Prescott claimed for food. Four grand in 2003/4 apparently. I must tell him I have reached a similar weight on substantially less!

I’m also interested to read of the sums claimed by senior politicians across the political spectrum. Who wouldn’t be? After a while the big numbers become, well, just figures on a page, and in all honesty not entirely surprising. I just wish we were getting better value for this drain on the exchequer.

I would be even more amused if some bright spark of an MP were to request details of selected political journalists expenses.

Of course it won’t happen, because some of the expenditure will be on wining and dining the buggers who are claiming for ‘groceries’ at the same time.

It was also reveal, I suspect, that MP’s are not the only ones with their snouts in the trough!