A reasonable enough question, I feel.

Adge is reading the programme set out for President Sarkozy and his trouble and strife. A personal greeting from the Royal Family, who will put the visiting dignitary up for tonight. He apparently turned down the offer of a second night, ungrateful bastard.

Mrs. Blazing wasn’t best chuffed to hear that either. “Don’t you go getting any ideas about taking me away for one bloody night in a foreign land.”

I digress.

After a jaunt around Windsor a speech to the ruling classes brings his work for the day to a close. He couldn’t possibly squeeze in any more before dinner and France are hosting England in a football international in Paris. “You do have Canal +, don’t you Liz? I couldn’t possibly watch it on Sky.”

On Thursday, the parasite president will co-host a Franco-British summit at Arsenal Football Club’s stadium in North London. “Bloody hell, I’ve never been there. Who is paying for all this?” Adge is getting perplexed. “It’s us, isn’t it?” I nod.

“I should have known. My poor old nan is wondering how to pay for all the heating she has needed over Easter, and yet we can find the millions it must cost to put up that pillock and his caravan for a day and a half.”

It’s not Adge’s strongest or most reasoned argument, but he has been on pints of 2L all afternoon. Having said that, he does have a point. His argument might have been better extended to incorporate central government excesses in other areas. Maybe that is a subject one of his grumpy mates might return to? Yes, I think it might well be.