Someone up there really hates me this weekend. A little problem with the presentation of the site last evening turned into a full blown ‘get rid of the WordPress installation on the server’ and start again panic.

Now I’m no whizkid so it has taken four hours to sort out, and find a theme that will actually display in all the browsers I have on this box of tricks. You could help me there. For some reason Explorer has decided to go pear-shaped on me so if you are reading this on Explorer can you let me know all is well?

Sorry if you came looking while everything was going haywire. I’m off for a cup of coffee and a large brandy before anything else falls over!

…And having enjoyed my brandy in particular I have returned to try out the original theme. I owe a huge debt to Keith who not only mailed regular glitch updates as I struggled with things this morning (and I was unaware of this until I had finished the morning’s work) but also for the wonderful header graphic that (update Monday) did adorn the ‘Welcome to’ panel in the sidebar in Firefox and Safari, but caused a problem in Explorer.

It was perfect for the black theme that looked like it might be taking over, until that is Keith pointed out that you couldn’t submit comments. That is a bit of a killer glitch on a blog!

Anyway, that graphic is much better than a random snap of Hedley Lamarr, so thanks again Keith. I hope you enjoyed the film.

Looks like we may have another theme hunt on tonight.