The Easter holiday is almost upon us and a straw poll at the Grot last night reveals the true meaning of the weekend is not lost.

‘Well I’ve made sure I’m having the kids on Friday morning’, said Adge. ‘That way I can take ‘em to the open day at the racing stables on Friday, then fill ‘em up with chocolate on Saturday before taking them back to the missus and her latest’

‘It’s alright for you lot. Some of us have got to work all weekend. I haven’t got a table unbooked until Tuesday’. Does Ossie really think we’ll be crying into our beer for him?

‘Sunday is the big day, innit?’

Ah, at last. Piggy (don’t ask!) is something of a surprise. I wouldn’t have had him down as a man with a strong faith.

‘United versus Liverpool at half one, then Chelsea ‘gainst Arsenal at four. What a bloody great day!’

Forgive us Lord, for we have sinned!