The BBC are to be congratulated for exposing the results of vital research into the behaviour of West Country crabs.

Now I am not saying I am sceptical of claims that Cornish crabs have ‘more backbone’ than their Devon cousins, but I thought I should consult an expert in the field. So having not seen my old mucker Denzil in nearly a year I have contacted him for the second time in a week.

Crabs and Denzil are old associates. There is not a single type of crab he has not put in a pot at one stage or another. He hasn’t seen the study and is somewhat startled by the call. ‘You’m takin’ the piss or what, Blazin’?’

I read the article to him and explain my lack of faith in the conclusions. ‘I see where you’re coming from now’, he agrees.

‘If you want my opinion there is another explanation. Them Cornish crabs are thick as shit!’

I thank Denzil and apologise for getting him out of bed on a Saturday morning. His input though has been invaluable, and shows there is always more than one way of interpreting the evidence of your eyes. Or indeed of cold hard scientific facts.

Have a lovely weekend.