There is consensus in the Grot. This bloody chancellor hasn’t made a good start. We are almost alone in the western world in facing an ever-greater tax burden. Yet still we borrow.

There will almost certainly be a greater devil in the detail yet to be made public. Perhaps I am being overly pessimistic there, but I doubt it.

For sure the headline grabbers tonight are the usual easy targets. Does anybody really think that money on booze, and fags are intended to do anything other than fill the coffers? Will the heavy drinkers and smokers be priced out of their anti-social behaviours? Don’t be daft.

Hard drugs look ever more attractive as the price drops in relation to the established sins. Dealers have relatively few overheads. Pubs may be driven out of business by this Government, but the darker arts are thriving.

Talk to me Mr Darling about your 2% inflation figure. All of the things that working people have to spend money on are climbing at a much higher rate. Forget the booze and fags. My inflation is caused by community charge, insurance, fuel costs, heating and lighting. Two percent, my arse!

And do you know what really irritates my farmers? Watching you and Brown chuckling through the responses in the place where you are meant to represent, as well as lead us. Taking not a jot of notice you display an arrogance, and disregard for the electorate, that is quite breathtaking.

How I wish I had a labour party to vote for.